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GETFund Scholarships: Meeting 21st Century Needs

Education is the bedrock upon which every nation’s growth and development is anchored, particularly in our fast-evolving 21st century global society that requires a multiplicity of skill sets. Our human resource capital is our greatest asset, and we have a duty to capitalize on that for the ultimate benefit of our society.

A nation that therefore fails or refuses to invest in the education of its citizens clearly sets itself up for failure. Brains, it is said, develop a nation, not its natural resources, as countries like Japan, Switzerland, Singapore and several other countries have proven over time.

The Program provides financial, social, and academic support to Scholars. Financial support includes, but is not limited to, tuition fees, accommodation, and other scholastic materials.

We believe education is a catalyst for social and economic change.

The Fund sets out other areas of priority that are aligned with the nation’s development agenda.

  • High prevalence to STEM programmes

  • Female Education

Programme Stats Highlights :

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    Undergraduate Scholars

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    Exe. Edu Programmes

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    Masters Scholars

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    PhD Scholars


Scope of Scholarship :

  • The programme focuses on the narrow confines of the ‘brilliant but needy’ requirement to qualify for scholarship support at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, GETFund scholarship recognizes that scholarship support can, and must, expand beyond that scope if it is to make a more meaningful impact on society.

  • Beyond providing support for ‘brilliant but needy’ applicants, the Fund also makes provision for capacity building in public institutions and agencies, where various employees may need to acquire more skills to meet evolving developments in their area of work. Examples lie in the forensic science, cyber security and fire-fighting domains


Faculty development is another key area in which GETFund provides scholarship support through the regulator of the tertiary education space, the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) for university lecturers to receive further education abroad.

The Fund also provides funding for short courses abroad by MPs, judges and other upon request. In addition, students who challenge themselves to educational competitive programmes are also entitled to seek the support of the fund for these international events.



More Info :

Scholarship Programme Monitoring Initiative

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STEM focus 


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